Meet us at XDS24

We will make 3 waves of sales,” “Our website has experienced excessive load,” “All tickets are sold out in 90 seconds” – all this could be seen last week and it is easy to assume that we are talking about a concert of a popular pop artist. But no, we were talking about the XDS summit in Vancouver – a meeting place for developers and service providers.
The strategy of the summit, to hold a “lamp” event for a small number of participants, about 1000 people, with an equal division between developers and service providers, is obviously a success for the organizers.
We are very glad that this year we managed, albeit on the second attempt in the third wave, to buy tickets to the Summit and hope for successful and productive networking, and many wonderful meetings with colleagues.
See you in Vancouver in September!✈️🎉

Our Last Victory: 5 Military Vehicle Concepts for the Wardogs Game

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are pleased to share with you our latest triumph – the creation of five stunning prototypes of military vehicles for the Wardogs game. This project was a real challenge and an opportunity for us to demonstrate our skills and expertise. We look forward to sharing the results of our work with you, which highlight our key strengths in the field of military vehicle modelling.

We at L3D Studio always strive to ensure that our work exceeds standards. The Wardogs project was a great opportunity for us to demonstrate our skill and ability to overcome the most difficult challenges. After all, the concepts we have developed are not just impressive game models. They can be the basis for real combat vehicles.💪

Why Choose Us?

Experience and Quality: Our team has over a decade of experience in producing 3D models of military vehicles. This is not just experience, it is the accumulated knowledge and experience that we put into each project. The quality of our models exceeds customer expectations and has become the gold standard in our industry.🔥

Speed and Efficiency: With our experience and expertise, we are able to create high-quality models quickly and efficiently. We are well-versed in the nuances and peculiarities of military equipment, which allows us to minimise the time spent on research and prototyping.🚀

Volume and Quality: We pride ourselves on having the best experts in 3D modelling of military vehicles on our team. This allows us to offer clients high production volumes whilst maintaining the highest quality of each model.🏆

Prototype Design: Our deep expertise in military hardware allows us not only to create highly accurate replicas of existing models but also to design our own prototypes.🛠️

At L3D Studio, we pride ourselves on our ability to inspire and delight with our work. The Wardogs project was another testament to our skill and passion for what we do. We thank each member of our team for their hard work and dedication, as well as our partners for their trust and the opportunity to collaborate.🙌

Advantages of Game Art Outsourcing studio from Ukraine

Following global trends, the Ukrainian game development industry continues to grow and generate significant returns for investors. Ukrainian developers have created such famous games as STALKER, Cossacks, Metro, Sherlock Holmes, Warface, World of Warplanes, etc. More and more American and Western European companies prefer to cooperate with Ukrainian game developers to bring their wildest gaming ideas into reality.

The Ukrainian game development market is booming. More than 20,000 IT specialists in more than 100 companies are developing games in Ukraine. Some part of them provides services as Game Art Outsourcing studio. Some companies develop their products and provide outsourcing services and consult at the same time.

The Ukrainian game development industry is attracting more and more well-known game publishers from around the world. For example, Ubisoft has game development studios in Kyiv and Odesa. In addition, leading game development companies such as Wargaming, Plarium, Playtech and Gameloft have opened their offices in Ukraine.💙💛